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Anticlastic Bracelets with Copper-VWD Jewelry

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Anticlastic jewelry has curves that match at opposite points.  These bracelets are a perfect example.  Handmade of sterling silver, Victoria Woolen-Danner of VWD Jewelry used hand-hammered copper to help hold the cabochon in place.

There are several stone options available: amethyst, tourmaline, or golden beryl. The amethyst measures 6 mm and weighs 1.21 cts.  It was mined at the Deer Hill mine in Stow, ME in the 1990's as part of the Intergalactic Find. 

The tourmalines were mined at the Dunton Mine in Newry, ME from 1972-1974 by the Plumbago Mining Corporation. 

The golden beryl was mined at the Fuller Mountain mine in Phippsburg, ME from 2007-2010 by Gary Howard.