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Anticlastic bracelets with Gold- by VWD Jewelry

Regular price $310.00

Just like the bracelets with copper, these bracelets feature anticlastic cuff bracelets  made with sterling silver.  Instead of using copper, jewelry artist Victoria Woolen-Danner used 18K yellow gold for the bezel to hold the stones.  

The yellow stone is a heliodor, or golden beryl.  A little known gemstone, heliodor has a warm yellow color.  The stone in this bracelet measures 7 mm and weighs 1.48 cts.  It was mined at the Fuller Mountain mine in Phippsburg, ME from 2007-2010 by Gary Howard. 

The green cabochon is a green tourmaline; mined at the Dunton Mine in Newry, ME from 1972-1974 by the Plumbago Mining Corporation.