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Woven Cuff Bracelet

Regular price $460.00

Featured in these three woven bracelets are tourmalines.  Because tourmaline is found in almost every color in the rainbow, jewelry artists are able to use and play with color. Each bracelet features three stones of varying shades: pink, blue, and green and pink.

If pink is your color, the first bracelet is for you.  The stones were all mined at the Dunton Mine from 1972-1974 in Newry. Mined by the Plumbago Mining Corporation.  The stones are 4.5 mm and weigh a total of 1.02 cts.

Love the pink and green?  The second is up your alley.  These stones are 4.5 mm and weigh .80 total cts.  They were mined at Mt. Marie in Paris from 2009-2013 by Dennis Durgin. 

If blue is your jam, pick the third.  These stones are from Mt. Apatite in Auburn 2007-2010 by Andy Shaw.  

Designed and crafted by Tina Dinsmore of Portland (Maine) using sterling silver.