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Slice of Watermelon Pendant

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Just in time for summer!  What a great way to celebrate summer: swimming, picnics, and watermelon...tourmaline that is!

During the 1972-1974 find, the Plumbago Mining Corporation found a metric ton of tourmaline.   Within this find was watermelon tourmaline; crystals where the core was pink and the outer rim is green. This slice measure 18 x 15 mm and weighs 13.5 carats. It also shows distinct color zoning of three different colors. The slice has been wrapped in a 14K yellow gold frame to protect the edges of the stone. 

Please know that watermelon tourmaline has natural inclusions in the stone.  That being said, normal wear and tear shouldn't affect the stone. The cutting and polishing process is not easy and if the stone was going to break, it would have done so at some point during that process. But please don't drop it from 20'...that would affect the stone!

We do have other slices of watermelon available; please contact us for more information.