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"Over the Rainbow" Rings by Paula Crevoshay

Regular price $4,900.00

This fine jewelry collection features pieces designed by Paula Crevoshay, an award winning jewelry designer based in New Mexico. She is know for her use of color and gemstones in designs taken and inspired by nature.  

This series is all about color and how they balance and work with other colors.  Each of these pieces feature all Maine mined gemstones: tourmalines, beryls, and amethysts.  One ring features a surprise: a garnet mined in Vermont! The rings are handcrafted in 18K yellow gold.  

The ring with the six round stones features 4 mm and weigh a total of 1.5 carats.  These were mined at the Dunton Mine in Newry, ME from 1972-1974 by the Plumbago Mining Corporation.  

Playing not only with color, but with shapes as well, the next ring features oval and round stones.  Again from the big find at the Dunton Mine, these stones weigh a total of 1.35 total carats. 

 Featuring stones of all shapes and colors, the last ring has tourmalines, amethyst, and garnet (the one mined in VT). The gemstones weigh just over 2.5 carats. Stones were mined at the Dunton Mine, Mt. Rubellite, Deer Hill, and Mt. Marie in Maine. The garnet is from Eden Mills in Vermont.