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Interactive Earth Science Kits

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Rocks and minerals are the very essence of the planet on which we live. And now you can bring the fascinating world of Minerals, Rocks, and Crystals to your own home with Geocentral's Earth Science Kit*. Each kit comes with actual specimens, a magnifier and an educational guide on how to identify them. Comes in three variations: 

Minerals: When is a rock not just a rock? When it's a Mineral! Learn about minerals and the vital importance of these geological and life-sustaining building blocks. Contains 15 Mineral specimens, an Educational Guide, Streak Plate and Magnifier.

Rocks: Learn about Metamorphic, Sedimentary and Igneous types of rocks and how they fit into the never-ending Rock Cycle. Contains 15 Rock specimens, an Educational Guide, Streak Plate and Magnifier.

Crystals: Learn about the fascinating faceted world of how crystals are formed, what shapes they take and how you can grow your very own crystal garden at home! Contains 15 Crystal specimens, an Educational Guide and Magnifier.

*These kits can be used in conjunction with supplementary learning materials that are available at the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum, free of charge. Contact us at 207 824 3036 for additional resources that will inspire and support young minds to engage in hands-on, at-home learning. A wonderful way to start or add to any rock or mineral collection! Appropriate for ages 8+ and can be used individually or interactively to promote hands-on STEM learning. 

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