Lunar Meteorite- NWA 12691
Lunar Meteorite- NWA 12691
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Lunar Meteorite- NWA 12691

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Meteorites from Mars and the Moon are among the rarest substances on
Earth. Here at the MMGM, we strive to understand – and then share - what
these rocks from space can teach us about our fascinating neighbors in the
sky, our home planet, and the extraordinary origins of our solar system.

The lunar meteorite NWA 12691 was ejected from the Moon’s surface

following a tremendously energetic asteroid impact, thrusting this material into
Earth’s orbit. Originating from the lunar highlands, these samples were
discovered in January of 2017 in the western Sahara Desert. The picture
surrounding the specimen is sourced from NASA, and each specimen is

Prices vary by weight. Picture is representative; meteorites vary.  Display area is 1" (for scale).

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