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MoonScope & Sky Gazer's Activity Journal

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Now you can bring MMGM's Sidewalk Astronomy Series to your own home! Explore and discover the cosmos from 18x to 90x magnification with Nancy B's Science Club MoonScope & Sky Gazer's Activity Journal. Created by Nancy Balter, a product designer and science teacher, the MoonScope features an eye piece, finder scope, focusing knob, 4mm all-glass eyepiece, 20mm all-glass eyepiece, a moon filter, a lens cap, and a tripod with a built-in red LED light to read, journal, and moon map in the dark. The Sky Gazer's Activity Journal features 22 pages of star gazing activities that guides first timers through the night sky. You can use your MoonScope to see such objects as mountains on the moon or Saturn's rings! Requires 2 AA batteries for the LED light, not included. Ages 8+