"Rose of Maine" Morganite in Rose Gold
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"Rose of Maine" Morganite in Rose Gold

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Can you imagine finding a crystal the size of a pumpkin?!?  While it doesn't happen often, it did happen on October 7, 1989, at the Bennett Mine in Buckfield, Maine. Ron and Dennis Holden found what became known as the "Rose of Maine", the largest Morganite crystal found in North America.  It weighed over 50 pounds and yielded an unknown (but finite) amount of gem rough.

The emerald-cut center stone in this rose gold ring was part of that crystal.  Cut by a gem cutter in New Hampshire, this gem weighs 2.17 carats and measures 8.7 x 6.2 mm.  Accented by two full-cut diamonds, this ring is made with 14K rose gold.  

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