Ribbon Dance Pendant
Ribbon Dance Pendant
Ribbon Dance Pendant
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Ribbon Dance Pendant

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Just like ribbons dancing through the air, the sterling silver in this necklace swirl and shine.  Surrounded in 22K vermeil, the Maine mined gemstones are the perfect accent to the graceful metal work.  The pendant measures 1 1/2" in length and the chain is included.

Available in five different gemstones (two aren't pictured: clear quartz and pink tourmaline), there is a choice for each season!

The amethyst meaures  6mm and weighs .71 cts.  It was mined during the Intergalactic Mining Corporation workings at the Deer Hill Mine in Stow during the 1990's.  

Mined at the Standpipe Hill quarries in Topsham, the aquamarine measures 6 mm and weighs .80 cts.  Mined by Gary Howard.

The green tourmaline also measures 6 mm and weighs .70 cts.  Mined at Mt. Marie in Paris, ME by Dennis Durgin from 2009-2013.  

The necklace was designed and created by Michou, Inc.; a jewelry company out of California.


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