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"Rose of Maine" Morganite ring

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What motivates a miner? Is it a vocation? Is it the beauty of minerals? Or is it simply the idea of potentially finding something that none else has found??

This happened to the Holden Brothers on October 7, 1989.  While mining at the Bennett Mine in Buckfield, they found a crystal like no other.  It was Morganite.  And it was big.  It weighed about 55 pounds and was the size of a large pumpkin. And they called it "The Rose of Maine".

This stone is from that crystal.  It measures 8 mm and weighs 2.5 carats.  The ring is 14K white gold and is a size 6.5. The stone is uncommon; to this day "The Rose" stands as the largest Morganite crystal mined in North America.  The supply of gemstones is limited.  And we are very lucky to have a lovely collection of them.