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Split Shank Cabochon Rings by VWD Jewelry

Regular price $110.00

This series of rings really lets the stones shine!  Each design is unique; with each ring having different textures and details.  All were handcrafted by Victoria Woolen-Danner of VWD Designs using sterling silver. 

The yellow stone is a golden beryl that measures 5.5 mm and weighs just under half a carat.  Mined at the Fuller Mountain mine in Phippsburg from 2005-2007 by Gary Howard.  This ring is a size 6.

Green tourmalines are mined at several locales in Maine; this one was mined at the Dunton mine in Newry, ME from 1972-1974. RIng is a size 7.

Both of the amethyst (the purple colored stones) come from the Intergalactic Find by the Intergalactic Mining Corporation in the 1990's at the Eastman Prospect at Deer Hill.  The both are around one and a quarter carats.  One is a size 8, the other a 9.